Poly X70 with TC8 Touch Controller – 3 Yr Support License




Poly X70 with TC8 Touch Controller – 3 Yr Support License


Optimize your large room meetings with the Poly TC8 Touch Controller paired with the Poly X70 All-in-One Bar.

Seamlessly manage conferences with intuitive touch control, while the 3-year Poly Plus Support package ensures optimal performance and expert assistance.

Elevate collaboration and communication in your large space, making every interaction impactful with this comprehensive and supported solution.

  • Exceptional audio and video performanceThe Studio X70 features advanced camera optics, high-resolution sensors, and powerful audio capabilities. It delivers crystal-clear video quality and immersive audio, ensuring a superior video conferencing experience.
  • Intelligent camera featuresThe camera on the Studio X70 supports intelligent features like automatic speaker tracking and group framing. It can intelligently focus on the active speaker and adjust the frame to accommodate participants, providing optimal visibility and engagement during meetings.
  • Versatile deployment optionsThe Studio X70 can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand, allowing for flexible deployment in various meeting room setups. It seamlessly integrates into different environments, making it a versatile solution for different spaces.


Introducing the Poly Studio X70 with TC8 Touch Controller – 3 Yr Support License:

Redefine your video conferencing experience with this cutting-edge solution.

The Poly Studio X70 boasts exceptional 4K video quality, capturing every detail with stunning clarity, ensuring lifelike visuals and engaging virtual interactions.

Effortlessly control your meetings with the TC8 Touch Controller, offering an intuitive interface for easy call handling, content sharing, and room control.

With the added advantage of the 3-year support license, you gain priority access to expert technical assistance, software updates, and peace of mind, knowing your video conferencing setup is backed by reliable support.

Transform your meetings with the Poly Studio X70 and TC8 Touch Controller, complemented by the 3-year support license, and experience seamless communication and collaboration that drives productivity and success in every virtual encounter.

Empower your teams to achieve more with this powerful and user-friendly video conferencing solution.


Content Includes

  • Poly Studio X70
  • Poly TC8 and Network Cable
  • Wall mount
  • 1.83m (6ft) HDMI Cables (2)
  • 4.5m (14.76ft) Cat.5E Network Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Documentation
  • 3 Yr Poly Plus Support Software


  • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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