Yealink A30-010 Collaboration Bar with VCR11 Remote Control



Yealink A30-010 Collaboration Bar with VCR11 Remote Control


Introducing the Yealink A30 Collaboration Bar, your all-in-one solution for seamless communication.

With powerful adaptability and easy wall mounting, it enhances collaboration effortlessly.

The included remote control ensures convenient operation, making your meetings and conferences more productive and engaging.

Elevate your communication experience with Yealink A30.


  • Smart Video CollaborationThe A30, running on Android 9.0 OS, provides native support for Teams or Zoom, allowing all features to be easily accessed with a single touch or using the remote controller. Additionally, the A30 supports content sharing and whiteboard features, enhancing communication and collaboration during meetings.
  • See Everyone ClearlyThe A30 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, ensuring powerful image processing, encoding, and decoding capabilities. Its 8 MP camera delivers high-quality video for a superior conference experience. With a wide 120° field of view, the camera captures everyone in the conference without requiring adjustments. The A30 also automatically optimizes image brightness, ensuring clear visibility of participants' faces even in dim or backlight environments.
  • Two cameras design with AI technologyThe A30 features a dual-camera design, with one camera for panoramic analysis and another for image output. With advanced AI technology like Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, the A30 automatically frames groups based on the number and position of participants. It also intelligently zooms in on the speaker without any manual adjustments, allowing participants to stay focused on the conference.


Introducing the Yealink A30-010 Collaboration Bar with VCR11 Remote Control, an innovative solution designed to transform your meeting spaces into centres of efficient communication and collaboration.

This comprehensive kit combines the power of the A30 Collaboration Bar and the convenience of the VCR11 remote control, creating a seamless and productive conferencing ecosystem.

The A30-010 offers exceptional video conferencing capabilities with its UVC80 12x optical PTZ camera, ensuring vivid visuals and lifelike communication.

The VCR11 remote control provides intuitive navigation and control, enhancing user interaction during meetings and presentations.

Effortless setup and plug-and-play functionality make the A30-010 user-friendly.

Its integration with popular conferencing platforms ensures smooth collaboration, making remote communication feel natural and engaging.

Elevate communication with the Yealink A30-010 Collaboration Bar with VCR11 Remote Control.

Empower teams to collaborate seamlessly, share ideas effortlessly, and make decisions efficiently.

Experience the future of conferencing innovation, where technology optimizes interactions for more impactful and productive meetings.

Redefine how your organization connects and communicates with this state-of-the-art solution, designed to meet the dynamic demands of modern communication and collaboration.


Dual Camera System

  • Wide Camera:
  • - 8MP Camera
  • - Field of view: 120°
  • - 4x e-PTZ Camera
  • Telephoto Camera:
  • - 8MP Camera
  • - Field of view: 90°
  • - 10x Hybrid Zoom (3.5x optical, 3x digital)
  • - Horizontal Rotation Angle: +25°/-25°
  • - Vertically Rotation Angle: +16°/-16°
  • Electric Privacy Shutter
  • Intelligence Features
  • - Auto Framing
  • - Speaker Tracking


  • Built-in 8 MEMS microphone array
  • Support extention mic
  • Two Built-in 5W high fidelity speaker
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Beamforming directed voice pickup technology
  • Full-duplex
  • Echo cancellation

Operating System

  • Android 9.0

Video Standard and Network Suitability

  • Video codecs: H.264 High profile, H.264 SVC, H.264

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