G7500 4K Base Unit with E70 & TC8 Controller + 1 Yr Plus Support




G7500 4K Base Unit with E70 & TC8 Controller + 1 Yr Plus Support


Introducing Poly G7500 4K Base Unit with E70 Camera and TC8 Touch Controller, bundled with 1-Year Plus Support – a complete conferencing solution.

G7500 offers 4K quality, E70 Camera captures sharp visuals.

TC8 Touch Controller ensures easy meeting control.

With 1-Year Plus Support, get dedicated assistance for uninterrupted conferencing.

Ideal for diverse spaces, elevate meetings with this package, enjoying video quality, control, and support for effective collaboration.

  • High-Quality VideoThe G7500 4K Base Unit supports 4K Ultra HD video resolution, delivering exceptional visual clarity and detail. The E70 camera captures clear and lifelike images, ensuring participants can see each other with precision.
  • Plus SupportThe 1-year Plus Support package offers technical assistance and troubleshooting for the G7500 system. It ensures prompt resolution of any issues or questions that may arise, minimizing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of video conferences.
  • Scalability and IntegrationThe G7500 system is scalable and can accommodate various room sizes and configurations. It also offers integration capabilities with other collaboration tools and services, allowing seamless connectivity and collaboration.


Introducing the Poly G7500 4K Base Unit with E70 Camera and TC8 Touch Controller, bundled with 1-Year Plus Support – a complete solution revolutionizing video conferencing.

This package seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, user-friendly control, and dedicated support for optimal communication and collaboration.

The Poly G7500 4K Base Unit, paired with the E70 Camera, forms a powerful video conferencing setup.

The G7500 offers 4K video quality, while the E70 Camera captures sharp visuals, ensuring lifelike communication.

The TC8 Touch Controller provides intuitive control, enabling easy meeting management and settings adjustments.

With its touch interface, participants can effortlessly control audio, video, and content sharing.

This bundle includes 1-Year Plus Support, offering dedicated assistance and technical support for uninterrupted conferencing throughout the year.

Designed for versatile spaces, this package adapts to various settings, from boardrooms to conference halls.

The combination of Poly G7500 4K Base Unit, E70 Camera, TC8 Touch Controller, and 1-Year Plus Support guarantees a professional and seamless meeting experience.

Elevate your video conferencing with this comprehensive package.

Enjoy unmatched video quality, intuitive control, and ongoing support for effective meetings.

Invest in a solution that seamlessly integrates technology, offering a reliable foundation for impactful communication and collaboration.



  • Support for native 3rd party applications, including Zoom Rooms for Android
  • All cloud service providers through Poly Video App Mode


  • Auto sensing power supply
  • Typical operating voltage/power
  • - 37VA @ 120V @ 60 Hz
  • - 37VA @ 230V @ 50/60 Hz
  • Typical BTU/h: 65

Physical Characterisitcs

  • G7500 base box
  • - 13.75" L x 1.5" H x 5.5" D
  • - 2.1 lbs


  • One-year return to factory parts and labor

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