UVC30 Kit – Small Rooms



UVC30 Kit – Small Rooms


Discover seamless conferencing with Yealink’s BYOD Meeting Kit.

Featuring the UVC30 CAM for crystal-clear visuals and AI-powered optimization, along with the CP900 HD Speakerphone for superior audio.

Effortlessly integrate devices for dynamic content sharing.

Elevate your meetings and communication with this versatile solution, making collaboration impactful and hassle-free.

  • All-in-One Design, Plug and PlaySimplify your connectivity with one Type-C cable that integrates audio, video, and HDMI output. Just plug the cable into your laptop and start using it without any additional driver installation.
  • Long EnduranceStay powered up during long meetings without the need for your own power adapter. With the capability to charge your laptop via the Type-C cable, you can keep your device running without any interruptions.
  • Cost-effectiveExperience cost-effective audio and video conferencing and collaboration solutions that are perfect for enterprises with multiple huddle rooms. Our offerings provide excellent value for money without compromising on quality and functionality.


Experience the future of conferencing with the Yealink BYOD Meeting Kit, a powerful solution that brings seamless collaboration to your fingertips.

This comprehensive package includes the UVC30 CAM and CP900 HD Speakerphone, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design.

The UVC30 CAM sets a new standard for video quality, delivering crystal-clear visuals that ensure every detail is captured with precision.

Its advanced optics and AI-powered features optimize lighting, focus, and colour balance, enhancing the overall conferencing experience and making remote interactions feel truly lifelike.

Complementing the UVC30 CAM is the CP900 HD Speakerphone, which guarantees superior audio clarity.

Its 360-degree voice pickup and noise reduction technology ensure that every voice is heard, even in large conference rooms.

This fosters natural conversations and minimizes misunderstandings, making your meetings more productive and engaging.

The Yealink BYOD Meeting Kit is designed for versatility, offering seamless Bring Your Own Device integration.

Connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone effortlessly and share content with ease, regardless of the platform you’re using.

This empowers dynamic presentations, collaborative discussions, and effective communication.

Setting up the Yealink BYOD Meeting Kit is straightforward.

Place the UVC30 CAM in an optimal position for video capture, utilize the CP900 HD Speakerphone for superior audio, and enjoy hassle-free device integration.

The result is a setup that enhances your conferencing experience and makes every interaction impactful.

In conclusion, the Yealink BYOD Meeting Kit redefines conferencing by combining exceptional video and audio capabilities with intuitive design and seamless device integration.

Elevate your meetings, streamline your communication, and transform your workspace into a hub of collaboration with Yealink’s advanced technology and comprehensive kit.

Experience the future of conferencing and take your communication to new heights.


Yealink UVC30 Room USB Camera

  • 4K video resolution
  • Maximum 60FPS
  • 3x digital zoom
  • Field of view (diagonal): 120°
  • Facial detection and Auto framing
  • 1 x 3m USB 2.0 cable

Yealink CP900 HD Speakerphone

  • Optima HD voice
  • Built-in 6 MEMS microphone arrays
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): +59 dB
  • 6.5 feet / 2 meters voice pickup range
  • Full-duplex technology
  • Noise suppression (NS)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
  • Root Mean Square (RMS): 3W

Yealink BYOD Box

  • 2x USB3.0 Type-A port
  • 1x HDMI output
  • 1x 1.5m Type-C cable for connecting to laptop, support charging via USB-C on laptop
  • 1x Type-C port for power adapter
  • PD Power adapter

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