Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket for Logitech MeetUp



Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket for Logitech MeetUp


Introducing the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket for Logitech MeetUp, an essential upgrade for seamless video conferencing.

Crafted for precision, it securely integrates the Logitech MeetUp camera into your workspace, ensuring optimal visibility for effective communication.

Its durable and modern design complements professional settings.

Effortless installation with provided hardware eliminates cable clutter.

Elevate your conferencing experience with the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket, optimizing visuals and communication in a clean and organized environment.

  • Integrated Cable ManagementKeep your cables neat and tidy with the MeetUp Kit and Heckler AV Cart. Utilize the integrated slot in the MeetUp Bracket to route power and display cords, then secure them with zip tie mounts. Finally, route the cables down the vertical arms of the Heckler AV Cart for a clean and organized setup. Say goodbye to cable clutter and enjoy a streamlined video conferencing experience.
  • Above or BelowAchieve the ideal camera angle with the MeetUp Bracket, mounting it above or below, regardless of display size or room orientation.
  • SecurityEnjoy worry-free installation with the Logitech MeetUp Bracket. It securely mounts your MeetUp using tamper-resistant security screws, hidden behind the device, while also dampening vibration from movement and sound. Rest assured your setup will be stable and secure.


Upgrade your conferencing setup with the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket for Logitech MeetUp.

This tailored solution enhances your video conferencing experience by seamlessly integrating the Logitech MeetUp camera into your workspace, ensuring optimal visibility and streamlined communication.

The Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket offers a secure and adjustable platform for the Logitech MeetUp camera.

Its precision design guarantees a perfect fit, enabling you to position the camera at the ideal angle for effective communication.

Crafted from premium materials, the H519 Mounting Bracket ensures both durability and a sleek appearance.

Its contemporary design complements professional environments while maintaining a clean and organized look.

Installation is straightforward with the provided hardware and user-friendly design.

Attach the Logitech MeetUp camera effortlessly, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced conferencing capabilities without cable clutter or obstructions.

Whether you’re conducting remote meetings, presentations, or collaborative sessions, the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket optimizes your Logitech MeetUp camera placement for clear visuals and effective communication.

Invest in the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket to elevate your video conferencing setup.

Enhance your communication capabilities and maintain a professional workspace that promotes efficient collaboration.

Experience the perfect synergy of design and functionality with the Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket for Logitech MeetUp.

Elevate your conferencing experience, streamline communication, and embrace a new level of video collaboration that empowers you to connect with colleagues and clients seamlessly.


In the Box

  • Heckler H519 Mounting Bracket
  • Cable ties
  • Assembly Screws
  • Assembly Tool
  • Documentation


  • 2 Years

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