Barco ClickShare Button Tray

Original price was: $129.33.Current price is: $119.01.



Barco ClickShare Button Tray

Original price was: $129.33.Current price is: $119.01.

Introducing Barco ClickShare Button Tray – essential for organized, charged ClickShare Buttons.

Optimize collaboration with sleek design fitting any workspace.

Simultaneously store and charge multiple buttons for constant readiness during presentations.

Simple setup connects to power source, minimizing clutter.

Elevate productivity and convenience.

Barco ClickShare Button Tray ensures seamless content sharing in any professional setting, keeping buttons organized, charged, and always ready for impactful presentations.

  • OrganizationThe Button Tray provides a dedicated storage solution, keeping your Barco ClickShare Buttons organized in one place. This helps you quickly locate and access the Buttons whenever needed, streamlining your presentation setup.
  • AccessibilityWith the Button Tray, your ClickShare Buttons are easily accessible and within reach. This allows for smooth and efficient sharing of content during meetings and presentations, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Streamlined WorkflowBy keeping your ClickShare Buttons neatly arranged and charged, the Button Tray contributes to a streamlined wireless presentation workflow. You can focus on the content and seamlessly share it, without worrying about the organization or battery life of the Buttons.


Introducing the Barco ClickShare Button Tray – an essential accessory that ensures seamless organization and charging of your ClickShare Buttons.

Designed to optimize your collaboration experience, this tray offers a tidy and convenient solution for keeping your buttons ready for action.

The Barco ClickShare Button Tray is specifically crafted to accommodate multiple ClickShare Buttons.

With its sleek and compact design, it effortlessly blends into any workspace setup, whether it’s a conference room, boardroom, or huddle space.

Efficiency meets functionality – the ClickShare Button Tray not only stores your buttons but also charges them simultaneously.

This ensures that your buttons are always powered up and ready for use during important presentations or meetings.

Setting up the ClickShare Button Tray is straightforward.

The tray connects to a power source, and each button can be easily docked for charging.

This streamlined process saves time and minimizes clutter, allowing you to focus on your collaboration without worrying about battery life.

The ClickShare Button Tray is an investment in productivity and convenience.

By providing a dedicated space for your buttons to rest and recharge, it ensures that you’re always prepared to share your content effortlessly and efficiently.

Elevate your collaboration setup with the Barco ClickShare Button Tray.

Keep your ClickShare Buttons organized, charged, and ready for action, ensuring smooth and impactful presentations in any professional setting.



  • Bottom diameter: 80mm/3.2”
  • Height: 132mm/5.2"
  • Top width: 124.1mm/4.89”


  • 460 g/1.014 Lb

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