Lifesize Digital Micpod




Lifesize Digital Micpod


Lifesize Digital Micpod

  • Exceptional Audio QualityThe Lifesize Digital MicPod delivers superior audio quality, ensuring clear and natural sound during video conferences. It captures voices with precision and clarity, enhancing communication and overall meeting experience.
  • Precise Voice CaptureWith intelligent beamforming technology, the Lifesize Digital MicPod focuses on capturing the voices of participants while minimizing background noise. This ensures that every voice is heard clearly, promoting effective communication and collaboration.
  • Seamless IntegrationThe Lifesize Digital MicPod seamlessly integrates with Lifesize conference room systems, providing a hassle-free setup and enhancing the overall audio performance. It works effortlessly with Lifesize's video conferencing solutions to deliver a seamless and unified communication experience.


Introducing the Lifesize Digital MicPod, the perfect audio companion for your video conferencing needs.

This compact yet powerful microphone delivers exceptional audio quality, ensuring crystal-clear communication during your meetings.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the Lifesize Digital MicPod seamlessly integrates with Lifesize conference room systems, providing enhanced audio performance and an immersive conferencing experience.

With its intelligent beam-forming technology, it captures voices with precision and clarity, eliminating background noise.

Compact and portable, the Lifesize Digital MicPod is ideal for huddle rooms, small meeting spaces, and large conference rooms alike.

Elevate your audio conferencing with the Lifesize Digital MicPod and enjoy clear, natural, and immersive audio.


Lifesize Digital MicPod Features & Specifications

  • Three microphone elements with beam-forming technology
  • 48 kHz audio sample rate
  • Mute and In-Call LED indicators
  • Height: 15.0 mm/0.59 in. (including rubber feet)
  • Diameter: 86.2 mm/3.39 in.
  • Weight: 166 grams/0.36 lbs
  • Up to two Lifesize Digital MicPods supported by each Lifesize Phone HD or Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation

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