Video Conferencing Enhances Your Meetings, Drive Productivity and Lifts the Bottom Line

Posted on: June 30, 2021 12:22 pm

It’s by no surprise that we all think that time spent in meetings could be a more productive and we are all guilty of being distracted by irrelevant thoughts over the course of a meeting and in fact statically as many as 75% of staff members were found to be preoccupied with other tasks such as emails and mobile messages or that meetings simply last so long that more than 92% of members begin to daydream and wander off halfway through.


Video Conferencing has now become the preferred tool of organisations for conducting meetings. With new cloud based technologies it isn’t as hard to implement manger or use as many may think. With just a little direction you can immediately increase productivity and the bottom line by eliminating the wasted costs associated with outdated voice only conferencing.


Video Conferencing Delivers More than Face to Face Engagement


In the early days video conferencing was just used to communicate between two or more people via a private video feed to personalize the communication and brake down the distance barrier. With resent advancements with cloud based technology it’s a whole lot more, a lot less complicated and delivers a massive punch with additional features that make it the preferred method of communication.


This type of communication is become more and more obvious to organisations of all sizes as video conferencing software companies like LifeSize and Starleaf continue to deliver cost effective and highly featured video platforms that are delivered over public network. This type of technology is setting a new standard for the industry.


It has never before been more cost effective, accessible and the massive jump in video and audio quality while requiring minimal bandwidth that is delivered at lighting fast speeds is the primary reasons cloud video conferencing is already changing the way companies meet and share their information


File Sharing Solutions the Modern-day Advantage


The major benefit of Video Conferencing it the visual aspect of it this also applies to content. Resent advancements in the technology are delivering great benefits to each meeting with better file sharing capabilities members of a meeting can easily and instantly share their work and their thoughts, display their opinions through written content, video files, slideshow presentations, audio recordings and even screen sharing.


It has now expected that video conferencing software offers file sharing functions into the service to ensure that companies can conduct a video conferencing call then proceed to share files, record and present while maintaining visual and audio from all members, no matter their location


Cutting Costs with Video Conferencing and Device Interoperability


Room base video conferencing will continue to be the linchpin of online collaboration When picturing a video conference, you might imagine two separate rooms filled with mutable members, thousands of kilometers apart, with a large screens on the wall connected to a video conferencing end point, while this is true the introduction of sophisticated web cams and huddle room solutions have changed all that we previously knew or imagined and is considered one of the contributing factors of the cost effective and easy to install “Room Based” solutions that we are seeing popping up in most organisations today.


These types of deployments are becoming mainstream as the demand and realization of increased productivity and cost savings come into effect.


While every company’s utilisation is entirely different cloud based video conferencing has allowed for total workplace flexibility. Members can either join the meeting by entering the physical room or – can be seated in their workstations at their respective homes or offices, on a phone, a laptop, a desktop, or tablet. Video conferencing eliminates the need and cost of physical attendance, while still letting employees feel like important and valuable members of the team – and that’s the greatest key to making a meeting matter, and build a dynamic environment.



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