The journey for survival must start now

Posted on: June 30, 2021 10:58 am

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses has been overwhelming.

CEO’s have had to react and navigate uncharted waters, in an attempt to mitigate financial losses and the retention of key personnel. Throughout this period Business leaders have been forced to reshape their businesses and align with an evolving landscape which has only further fuelled economic uncertainty.

All Businesses will have to manage a broad range of issues that span from keeping their employees and customer safe to shoring-up cash, and reinventing their operations, while navigating complexed government legislation and support programs.

Achieving growth and performance consistently in the months and years ahead will not be easy, even the most profitable businesses can swiftly become unsustainable if their cash controls are weak and visibility over their own and/or their client’s financial positions are limited. Risk management and a clear understanding of a fast and volatile market will be essential in the survival of companies and individuals alike.

While businesses will be forced to focus their attention on a period of unpredictable and a undeniable muted economic recovery, however a serious amount of attention will need to go into re-inventing the way we communicate, re-inventing the way we do business.

Prior to COVIT-19 Video Conferencing technologies have been in rapid growth in particularly due to its transition to cloud.

Organisations both large and small that had already adopted Video Conferencing as their preferred communications platform, were able to adapt to this pandemic quickly. As a result, the ability to collaborate in real time with their clients, suppliers and key personnel regardless of their location allow them to trade with minimal downtime.

The speed of consumption for Video Conferencing technologies spurred on by the COVIT-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. This technology has been the key instrument for the survival of, not only businesses and their staff but economies around the world.

Complexity of reopening and establishing a reinvented business

The immediate issue that will plague Businesses in the following weeks and months ahead is the complexity of reopening and establishing a reinvented business that for the most part will be dispersed.

Businesses will also need to consolidate and reduce their overall operational costs, as the fiscal reality of a cutthroat and competitive environment. For most reducing personnel and relocation may be the obvious areas to address quickly, as businesses sure up their fiscal viability. Unfortunately reducing staff levels in economic downturns is never easy, however the more agile and nimble organisations are will ensure its best chance of survival in the road to recovery.

Coaching Leaders Ensures Success!

Traditional management approaches that depend on physical interaction have now been replaced, as companies adjust to a new and dispersed working environment. The quicker organisations upskill their management and staff with new and innovative techniques and technologies that builds upon a positive environment will be the winning formula of an effective and productive dispersed workforce.

Leadership teams will need to implement programs that include integrating existing development frameworks and culture while using blended technologies that can deliver tailored one-on-one coaching and grouped initiatives, to facilitating career development of their employee’s will be pivotal in maintaining and growing productivity. Engaging Sales and leadership training organisations like NRG Solutions that already offer specialise techniques in managing dispersed workforces would be highly recommended.


Laying the foundation for a strong future

What seems too good to be true, usually is. The fact is, video conferencing has now become the preferred communication tool as the need for an organisation to collaborate with staff and customers in a re-invented and dispersed environment.

The adoption of Video Conferencing has been unprecedented throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the appetite commercially and personally for this technology has seen many late entrances and opportunists that include both Venders and providers alike. As history will dictate this will be a classic case of “Buyer Beware”

The re-shaping and management of a distributed and remote workforce will require companies to equip employees with highly featured and easy-to-use platforms, immensely widening the scope of success as all venders of cloud base solutions will have the added responsibility of ensuring businesses have the option to connect their cloud software and devises into all of the other third-party services in which they have already invested in, and/or their clients are using. The easier it is for employees to share documents and switch between services while collaborating will be the winning formula to ensure businesses can optimise productivity while streamlining their costs in an ever-increasing economical sensitive environment.

Room base video conferencing will continue to be the linchpin of video collaboration. As cloud-based infrastructure has created a cost-effective plug and play conferencing solutions, and all organisation will need to factor this in as the added benefits of a single branded end to end solution in relation to scalability and ease of use will make all the difference.

The overall success of deploying a best in class solution that is scalable, affordable, and highly featured but above all, easy to use will be determined by strategy and execution and it would be highly recommended to seek an accredited partner, with certified technical engineers to help you design, install and support your video conferencing equipment. Organisation should look for Video Conferencing provides that has established relationships with Global Award-Winning Brands like LifeSize, Starleaf, Cisco and Poly that can provide references of clients in Enterprise, Corporate, Health, Education & Government throughout Australia.

Paul Denton

Managing Director

Video Dynamics Australia

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