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Posted on: June 30, 2021 10:51 am

Frost and Sullivan have estimates that there are more than 32 million huddle rooms worldwide and quite interestingly there is less than 2% of those rooms are video-enabled today. The current prediction is that 70% of these rooms will be video enabled by 2022 as companies both big and small scramble to deploy cost-effective solutions that are highly featured and easy to use in order to remain competitive in the markets in which it trades.

The fact is, video conferencing has now become the preferred communication tool as it allows organisations the ability to collaborate with Key Staff and customers regardless of there location in real time. The need for an organisation to collaborate and make critical business decisions as they arise is a driving factor and the added benefit of a lift in productivity cannot go unnoticed as organisations look to steam line their business and resource accordantly in an ever-increasingly economic sensitive environment.

Enabling these Smaller meeting rooms will play a critical roll in bring video collaborations to the entire organisation as meetings are becoming shorter, more frequent, and less structured, with workers joining remotely and collaboration happening when work dictates.

In our view the winning formula will be a cost effective highly featured end to end solution that utilise a familiar interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Again, Lifesize is making disruptive changes well in advance of any other vender in the market place today.

Lifesize have announced the release of a new video codec, the Icon300 meeting room systems which is the latest in Lifesize’s family of next-generation devices. This system is purpose-built for Lifesize’s cloud-based video conferencing service, the Icon 300 expand Lifesize’s portfolio of 4K-capable solutions, bringing immersive collaboration experiences to smaller huddle rooms. The Icon 300 is designed specifically for small spaces and its flexible design fits perfectly in huddle rooms or mini meeting areas and comes equipped with advanced capabilities, including an ultra wide field of view to easily see everyone in the room, support for stunning 4K full-motion content sharing.

The Icon 300 is immediately available with a price point of under $ 4,000 AUD which includes the HD Conference phone that is engineered for greater noise reduction by offering and incredible audio experience.

As demand has dictated accessing it from anywhere on any devise, all venders of cloud base solutions will have the added responsibility of ensuring businesses have the option to connect their cloud software and devises into all of the other third-party services in which they have already invested in or their clients are using.

The easier it is for employees to share documents and switch between services while collaborating will be the winning formula to ensure businesses can optimise productivity.

2021 will continue to bring a wave of innovation in cloud-based technologies like 4K video and wireless content streaming as the major venders continue to improve and build on the next-generation conferencing solutions that will allow for cross-platform integration.

I believe that throughout 2021/22 these types of advancements will accelerate need for organisations to implement these types of technologies.

Paul Denton

Managing Director

Video Dynamics

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