ZVC840-C3-310 – Zoom Room System – Medium-Large Rooms/



ZVC840-C3-310 – Zoom Room System – Medium-Large Rooms/


The ZVC840-C3-310 Zoom Room System is the ultimate solution for medium to large meeting rooms.

With its advanced features and seamless integration with Zoom Rooms, this all-in-one system delivers exceptional audio and video quality.

Experience crystal-clear communication, effortless setup, and enhanced collaboration in your meetings with the ZVC840-C3-310 Zoom Room System.

  • Total Device Package OfferYealink offers a comprehensive Zoom Rooms solution that includes a complete set of hardware components (MCore, camera, audio devices, and touch console), along with the necessary software and license. This simplifies the buying and deployment process, while enhancing the convenience of after-sales service.
  • Premium Audio and Video Meeting ExperienceYealink introduces the UVC84, an advanced camera designed to enhance business discussions with lifelike and interactive 4K/30FPS video calls. This premium solution incorporates the Yealink audio algorithm, delivering superior voice quality, and is equipped with three or four microphones, enabling a wide voice pickup range of 20ft/360°. With convenient features like auto framing and camera presets, users are freed from complex PTZ operations. Additionally, Yealink's Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background distractions and noises, ensuring clear and uninterrupted voice communication, even in noisy environments.
  • Simple to Deploy, Easy to UseThe solution includes Yealink MTouchⅡ, a standalone touch console that is separate from the mini-PC. This offers greater flexibility in deployment and results in a clean and organized conference table setup. Featuring an eight-inch multi-touch screen display, Yealink MTouchⅡ enables users to effortlessly join meetings, add participants, adjust volume, and control the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the camera, simplifying meeting management tasks.


Introducing the ZVC840-C3-310, the ultimate Zoom Room System designed for medium to large meeting rooms, equipped with the powerful MCore Pro.

This cutting-edge solution combines state-of-the-art technology, superior audiovisual capabilities, and seamless integration with Zoom for an unparalleled meeting experience.

The ZVC840-C3-310 is purpose-built for collaboration, offering crystal-clear audio and video quality, ensuring every participant can be heard and seen with utmost clarity.

The MCore Pro provides advanced audio processing, noise cancellation, and echo reduction, creating a professional meeting environment.

Experience hassle-free connectivity with the Zoom Room platform, making starting and managing meetings effortless.

The intuitive touch control interface allows users to join meetings, share content, and control the meeting room environment with ease.

Designed for medium to large rooms, the ZVC840-C3-310 boasts a powerful PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom, capturing every detail and ensuring smooth camera movements for dynamic presentations and video calls.

Collaborate without boundaries using the ZVC840-C3-310’s wireless content sharing capabilities, compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems, enabling seamless presentations from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This Zoom Room System also features intelligent room automation, allowing for automated camera tracking and control, optimizing audio levels, and adjusting lighting for an efficient and engaging meeting experience.

Elevate your collaboration and communication with the ZVC840-C3-310 – Zoom Room System for Medium-Large Rooms, powered by the MCore Pro.

Embrace the future of productive meetings, seamless integration, and exceptional audiovisual performance, revolutionizing the way you connect and collaborate.


Package Content

  • MCore Mini-PC
  • MTouch II touch panel
  • UVC84 USB PTZ camera
  • Yealink soundbar
  • 3 x Yealink VCM34 microphone


  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise X64
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise License
  • Zoom Rooms App and Yealink Plug-in

MCore Mini-PC Package

  • 8th-gen Intel® QUAD-CORE i5
  • Memory: 8GB (2 x 4GB)
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • 2 x HDMI video output with CEC supported
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 4 x USB3.0 Type-A
  • 1 x VCH port for conecting to MTouch II
  • 1 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet port
  • 1 x Power port
  • 1 x Security lock slot

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