VCR11 – Remote Control for A20 & A30 Collaboration Bars



VCR11 – Remote Control for A20 & A30 Collaboration Bars


Enhance your A20 & A30 Collaboration Bars experience with the VCR11 Remote Control.

Seamlessly navigate presentations, adjust settings, and manage content from anywhere in the room.

Its intuitive design and ergonomic layout make it a powerful tool for efficient teamwork.

Elevate your collaboration dynamics with the convenience of VCR11, fostering seamless communication and maximizing productivity.


  • Effortless ControlThe VCR11 provides intuitive controls for call management, volume adjustment, and navigation through presentation slides, enabling seamless operation during meetings.
  • Enhanced EfficiencyWith its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, the VCR11 empowers you to control your conferencing sessions with ease, streamlining your meeting interactions.
  • Improved EngagementThe remote's functionality at your fingertips enhances your engagement and active participation during meetings, contributing to more productive discussions.


Introducing the Yealink VCR11 Remote Control, a versatile accessory designed to amplify your collaboration experience with Yealink A20 and A30 Collaboration Bars.

Seamlessly control your conferencing sessions with this compact and intuitive remote.

The VCR11 offers convenient functionality at your fingertips. Effortlessly manage calls, adjust volume, and navigate through presentation slides, all with the ease of its ergonomic design.

This enhances your meeting control and makes your collaborative efforts more efficient.

The remote’s compatibility with Yealink A20 and A30 Collaboration Bars ensures a seamless pairing.

The simple plug-and-play setup guarantees hassle-free integration into your conferencing system.

The Yealink VCR11 Remote Control is your tool for enhanced engagement and seamless interaction during meetings.

Elevate your collaboration by embracing the convenience and capabilities of this remote control, optimizing your conferencing experience with ease and efficiency.



  • Power Key:
  • Powers the system on and off
  • Puts the system to sleep or wakes the system
  • Video Recording Key: Starts or stops recording video and audio
  • Layout Key: Adjusts layout during a video call
  • Custom Key:
  • Assigns predefined functions to this key.
  • Input key: press to select the video input source.
  • ScreenShot key: press to capture screen.
  • Mute Speaker key: press to mute or unmute the speaker.
  • Presentation key: press to start or stop presentation.

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