TV Mount Kit



TV Mount Kit


The Yealink TV Mount Kit (TV-CLIPMOUNT) optimizes your video conferencing setup by attaching Yealink devices to your TV, saving space and enhancing the professional appearance of your meeting room.

With easy integration, adjustable arms, and secure attachment, it ensures improved audio, video quality, and a clutter-free workspace.


  • Space OptimizationAttach Yealink devices directly to your TV, saving valuable table or desk space in your meeting room and creating a more organized setup.
  • Professional AppearanceThe streamlined design ensures a clean and polished look, providing a professional appearance for your meeting space.
  • Easy IntegrationThe kit allows seamless integration of Yealink devices with your flat-panel display, simplifying your video conferencing setup.


Introducing the Yealink TV Mount Kit (TV-CLIPMOUNT), an essential accessory to optimize your video conferencing setup.

This kit enables seamless integration of Yealink collaboration devices with your flat-panel display.

The TV Mount Kit is designed for convenience and flexibility.

It allows you to attach your Yealink devices, such as cameras and speakers, directly to the back of your TV.

This streamlined setup not only saves space but also ensures a clean and professional appearance in your meeting room.

Installation is straightforward, with adjustable arms that accommodate different TV sizes.

The kit’s robust construction guarantees stability and secure attachment, keeping your Yealink devices in the optimal position for clear audio and video during meetings.

Upgrade your video conferencing setup with the Yealink TV Mount Kit (TV-CLIPMOUNT).

Experience a clutter-free workspace, enhanced communication, and a more polished presentation in your meetings, all while maximizing the utility of your collaboration devices and flat-panel display.

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