Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Rally Bar Graphite & Lenovo ThinkSmart



Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Rally Bar Graphite & Lenovo ThinkSmart


Revolutionize communication with Logitech Tap 10.1″, Rally Bar All-In-One in Graphite, Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, and Jumpstart Support (TAPRBGMSTLEN).

Seamlessly integrated hardware, exceptional audiovisuals, and expert assistance create impactful and dynamic meetings.

  • Seamless IntegrationHardware components work in harmony, offering a cohesive meeting solution with smooth communication and control.
  • Intuitive InterfaceLogitech Tap's touchscreen enables effortless meeting initiation, content sharing, and control.
  • Exceptional AudiovisualsRally Bar All-In-One in Graphite delivers remarkable audio and video quality for immersive communication.


Introducing the epitome of collaborative excellence – the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Rally Bar All-In-One in Graphite, Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, and Jumpstart Support bundle (TAPRBGMSTLEN).

This powerful ensemble redefines communication in modern workplaces, merging cutting-edge hardware and expert support for seamless and impactful meeting experiences.

At its core, the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen empowers your meeting control with an intuitive interface.

From launching sessions to content sharing, the Tap ensures smooth interactions.

Complementing it is the Rally Bar All-In-One in Graphite, a sophisticated video conferencing solution that offers remarkable audio and video quality.

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Core adds advanced audiovisual capabilities, ensuring crystal-clear communication and engagement.

This bundle creates an immersive environment where remote participants feel like they’re in the same room.

Beyond hardware, the included Jumpstart Support ensures hassle-free setup and minimizes technical disruptions, allowing you to focus on productive discussions.

Adapting effortlessly to different room sizes and setups, this bundle optimizes communication for various scenarios.

Installation is effortless, and the combination of Tap, Rally Bar All-In-One, and ThinkSmart Core adds a touch of modern elegance to any workspace.

Experience a new era of communication with the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Rally Bar All-In-One in Graphite, Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, and Jumpstart Support bundle.

It’s not just technology; it’s the catalyst for innovation and collaboration, transforming meetings into dynamic and productive interactions.


Lenovo ThinkSmart 11RXS02403

  • Advanced technical support, 24x7x365, in more than 100 markets
  • Technical Account Managers for proactive relationship and escalation management
  • Comprehensive hardware & OEM software support
  • Priority on service delivery and repair parts
  • Single point of contact for simplified end-to end case management
  • Lenovo Service Connect Portal for customized reporting and product support

Logitech 939-001950

  • 10.1” touch display
  • Silent enclosure
  • Always-on readiness
  • Headphone jack
  • Dual cable exits
  • Built-in cable retention
  • USB accessory port
  • HDMI input for content sharing
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Commercial-grade cabling

Logitech 960-001315

  • USB Mode: Connect via USB to virtually any PC or Mac with no additional software needed.
  • Appliance Mode: Run supported video conferencing applications – such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and others – directly on the device with no computer or laptop required.
  • Cable Management: Ensure clean, confident installs with secure cable retention and minimal cabling.
  • Mounting Options:Take advantage of multiple mounting options to deploy Rally Bar quickly and easily across all your midsize rooms.
  • Looks Brilliant: Upgrade the meeting experience with cinema-quality video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy.
  • Stays Focused: Using AI, human perception, and motorized PTZ, Rally Bar adapts to meeting dynamics and keeps the camera on the action.
  • Sounds Awesome: Rally Bar’s advanced audio engineering delivers powerful, room-filling sound and makes sure every voice is clearly heard.
  • Sound Optimization: Auto-level loud and soft voices – while suppressing unwanted noise – with AI-based RightSound™ technology that improves over time.
  • Adaptive Beamforming: Focus on the active talker with high-precision beamforming mics.
  • Full Duplex: Hear and be heard at the same time with excellent full duplex.
  • Super Smart: Keep the focus on meeting participants with AI Viewfinder, which uses scene awareness to optimize RightSight auto-framing and camera control.
  • AI Driven Insights: Track room usage data from the Logitech Sync Dashboard, captured by AI Viewfinder’s people count function.
  • Simple to Manage: Monitor and manage your meeting room devices from one single platform with Logitech Sync. Plus, get business insights into how your rooms are being used.

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