Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Intel NUC11 / Zoom and Rally Plus HD



Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Intel NUC11 / Zoom and Rally Plus HD


Experience the ultimate in large room collaboration with Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, Intel NUC11 Mini PC, Rally Plus HD, and 3 Years NBD Response Warranty (TAPZOOMLARGEINT).

Intuitive controls, powerful performance, and immersive audio-visual quality redefine meetings.

Elevate engagement and productivity – upgrade today.

  • Effortless CollaborationSeamlessly connect and collaborate in large meeting spaces.
  • Intuitive InterfaceTap 10.1" Touchscreen simplifies meeting setup and content sharing.
  • Powerful PerformanceIntel NUC11 ensures smooth multitasking and uninterrupted video conferencing.


Introducing the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen Bundle with Intel NUC11 Mini PC, Rally Plus HD, and 3 Years NBD Response Warranty (TAPZOOMLARGEINT) – a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize collaboration in large meeting rooms.

This powerful bundle combines cutting-edge technology, intuitive controls, and unmatched audio-visual capabilities to transform your meetings into dynamic and productive sessions.

The centerpiece, the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen, offers a user-friendly interface for hassle-free meeting setup, content sharing, and device control.

The Intel NUC11 Mini PC ensures seamless multitasking and robust performance, supporting smooth video conferencing and data processing for uninterrupted meetings.

The Rally Plus HD camera and speaker system elevate your audio-visual experience to new heights.

With Ultra-HD video quality and advanced optics, the Rally camera captures every detail, providing lifelike interactions for remote participants.

Rally’s premium speakers and beamforming technology deliver immersive audio, ensuring crystal-clear sound in every corner of the room.

This bundle is perfectly tailored for large meeting rooms, providing scalability and flexibility to accommodate growing needs.

With the 3 Years NBD Response Warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that any technical issues will be promptly addressed to minimize disruptions.

Installation is a breeze, and regular updates keep your solution current and adaptable.

The centralized management capabilities empower you to control and configure multiple rooms from a single admin console, ensuring a seamless experience across your organization.

Elevate your large room meetings with the Logitech Tap 10.1″ Touchscreen Bundle. Experience seamless collaboration, outstanding audio-visual quality, and unparalleled convenience.

Make your meetings more engaging, productive, and immersive – upgrade to the TAPZOOMLARGEINT solution today.



  • Logitech Rally Plus:
  • Form Factor: Modular
  • USB Mode: Yes
  • Appliance Mode: w/RoomMate
  • Motorized Pan Tilt: Yes
  • Total Room Coverage: 260° h x 190° v
  • Zoom: Up to 15X total zoom (5X optical and 3X digital)
  • RightSight™ Autoframing: Yes
  • RightLight: Yes
  • RightSound: Yes
  • Expansion Mics: Up to 7 Rally Mic Pods
  • Mic Pod Hub: Up to 7
  • Speakers: 2
  • Patented anti-vibration suspension system: Yes

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