Sync 40 MS Smart Speakerphone (USB-A) (MS CERTIFIED)



Sync 40 MS Smart Speakerphone (USB-A) (MS CERTIFIED)



  • Microsoft Teams CertificationThe Sync 40 MS is specifically certified for Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance with the platform. It provides an enhanced Teams experience for meetings and calls.
  • Versatile ConnectivityWith USB-A connectivity, the speakerphone can easily connect to various devices, including computers, laptops, and other USB-A compatible devices.
  • User-Friendly ControlsIntuitive controls on the Sync 40 MS allow users to manage calls, adjust volume, and perform other essential functions with ease.


The Poly Sync 40 MS Smart Speakerphone (USB-A) (MS CERTIFIED) delivers a top-notch communication experience, boasting crystal-clear audio and intelligent noise-cancellation.

Purpose-built for Microsoft Teams, it ensures seamless integration and optimised performance for productive virtual meetings.

With USB-A connectivity, it easily connects to laptops and other compatible devices, enhancing versatility.

The compact design makes it ideal for professionals on the go, while user-friendly controls simplify call management.

The speakerphone’s long battery life ensures extended conferencing without interruptions.

Certified for Microsoft Teams, the Poly Sync 40 MS Smart Speakerphone elevates your communication, providing a seamless and efficient solution for modern workplaces.


Connects to

  • Poly Sync 40: PC via combined USB-A and USB-C cable; smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Poly Sync 40+: PC via combined USB-A and USB-C cable or wirelessly via included BT600 Bluetooth adapter; smartphone via Bluetooth

Compatible With

  • Windows® or Mac OS

User Interface Features

  • Touch sensitive user controls for:
  • - Call/answer end
  • - Mute
  • - Volume +/-
  • - Programmable function button
  • - Bluetooth pairing
  • - Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams versions only)
  • Push button user controls for:
  • - Power on/off
  • - Wireless daisy chain
  • Two highly visible status light bars for 360 degree call status indication
  • Combined integrated USB-A and USB-C cable
  • One USB-A port for smartphone charging
  • Kensington lock slot


  • 38 x 102 x 273 mm
  • 1.5 x 4.0 x 10.7 in


  • 610 g/21.5 oz

Cable Length

  • 1050 mm/41 inches


  • IP64 dust and water resistant

Accessories (Optional)

  • Charging stand
  • Secure desk mount

Applications Supported

  • Plantronics Hub desktop and mobile versons
  • Plantronics Manager Pro suites:
  • - Asset Management and Adoption

Platform Certification

  • Microsoft Teams focus room certified* (pending)
  • Zoom (pending
  • Compatible with a wide range of platforms

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