QMW101 Motorized Exrta Large TV Cart / Media Wall



QMW101 Motorized Exrta Large TV Cart / Media Wall


Introducing the Q-Tee QMW101 Motorized Extra Large TV Cart/Media Wall – versatile, mobile cart transforming into an immersive media wall.

Elevate presentations with adjustable height, captivating visuals, and motorized functionality.

  • Versatile TransformationSeamlessly transition from a mobile TV cart to a captivating media wall, adding a dynamic element to presentations.
  • Extra Large DisplayAccommodate large TVs for impactful visuals, making it ideal for conferences, trade shows, and events.
  • Adjustable Height and TiltOptimize display angles for optimal visibility in different settings, enhancing audience engagement.


Introducing the Q-Tee QMW101 Motorized Extra Large TV Cart/Media Wall – a groundbreaking solution that redefines audiovisual presentations.

This innovative cart effortlessly transforms from a mobile TV cart into a stunning media wall, combining motorized versatility, sleek design, and exceptional functionality for conference rooms, trade shows, events, and more.

Crafted to accommodate extra-large TVs up to [specific size], this motorized cart seamlessly transitions into a media wall, offering a captivating focal point for presentations.

With adjustable height and tilt angles, you can optimize the display for optimal visibility in different settings.

Effortless mobility is achieved with smooth-rolling wheels, allowing seamless transitions between spaces.

The cart’s robust construction ensures stability during movement, while its adaptable design easily transforms into a media wall with a push of a button.

The motorized transformation, controlled by the included remote, elevates your presentations to a new level.

Shift from a mobile setup to an immersive media wall with ease, capturing your audience’s attention and enhancing the visual impact.

Amplify the audiovisual experience with the practical built-in shelf, offering space for AV equipment or accessories.

This feature optimizes organization and accessibility, facilitating seamless presentations.

The Q-Tee QMW101 Motorized Extra Large TV Cart/Media Wall combines style and functionality, complementing various environments with its modern design.

Integrated cable management maintains a clean appearance, enhancing the overall visual impact.

Whether you’re a presenter, exhibitor, or business professional, the Q-Tee QMW101 Motorized Extra Large TV Cart/Media Wall empowers you to deliver captivating presentations.

Elevate engagement, collaboration, and visual impact with a cart that seamlessly transforms into a stunning media wall.

Elevate your audiovisual experiences with the Q-Tee QMW101 Motorized Extra Large TV Cart/Media Wall and redefine how you engage and share content.

Captivate audiences with a cart that embodies innovation, adaptability, and visual brilliance in every aspect, ensuring memorable and impactful presentations.



  • Maximum VESA hole spacing on TV: 600 x 400mm
  • 100mm (4 inch) heavy duty caster wheels
  • Maximum TV Load Capacity: 90kg
  • Height adjustable from 1080mm to 1820mm
  • Digital Side Control Panel for Height Adjustment
  • ​Anti-collision sensor
  • Full cable management
  • Two Stage, High Quality Motors
  • RCM Approval

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