Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 (POE) 3-line IP phone with HD Voice.

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SoundPoint IP 450 (POE) 3-line IP phone with HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms, 20. Ships without power supply.

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Product Description

Polycom 450 IP Phone
Lines: 3
Ethernet Ports: 2
VoIP Protocols: SIP
Power Over Ethernet Compliant 802.3af
Manufacturer Part Number: 2200-11531-001

Three-line desktop phone featuring Polycom HD Voice and productivity enhancing applications through a high-resolution, graphical backlit display.

The Polycom 450 desktop phone is designed to bring advanced telephony features and applications to cubicle/office workers handling a moderate volume of calls. With its high-resolution, graphical backlit display supporting multiple languages and Asian characters, applications enabled XML Microbrowser, and Polycom HD Voice, the Polycom 450 sets new standards for the mid-range SIP desktop phone.

Unsurpassed Voice Quality and Clarity
The Polycom 450 features Polycom HD Voice, bringing life-like richness and clarity to every call. Polycom HD Voice incorporates wideband audio for over twice the voice clarity, Polycoms patented Acoustic Clarity Technology for crystal-clear, noise and echo-free sound, plus best-in-class system design for high-fidelity voice reproduction