Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone




Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone


Introducing Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone – a cutting-edge solution for seamless collaboration.

WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, and POE cable support ensure unparalleled connectivity.

Superior audio quality with noise cancellation enhances communication in any environment.

Wireless connectivity and DECT technology offer mobility and flexibility.

POE support simplifies installation.

From huddle rooms to conference spaces, adaptability is key.

Elevate communication with Poly Trio C60, enhancing connectivity, engagement, and productivity.

Empower your team with a comprehensive conference phone solution.

  • Connectivity OptionsThe built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities provide wireless connectivity, allowing users to easily connect and collaborate using their preferred devices. The DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) feature enables wireless connection with compatible peripherals such as expansion microphones or headsets.
  • Flexible DeploymentWith multiple connectivity options, the Poly Trio C60 accommodates various deployment scenarios. It can be wirelessly connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, or connected directly through PoE, which simplifies installation and reduces cable clutter.
  • Enhanced MobilityThe wireless connectivity options enable users to move freely within the meeting room while staying connected to the conference phone. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for larger meeting spaces or when using expansion microphones or headsets.


Introducing the Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone – a cutting-edge communication solution equipped with advanced features for seamless collaboration.

With built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, and POE cable support, this conference phone offers unparalleled connectivity options, ensuring productive and efficient meetings.

The Poly Trio C60 boasts exceptional audio quality, delivering crystal-clear conversations.

Its noise-cancellation technology ensures that every participant’s voice is heard distinctly, even in noisy environments, fostering effective communication.

Experience hassle-free wireless connectivity with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth.

Easily connect your devices for content sharing and dynamic collaboration, enhancing engagement during meetings.

The inclusion of DECT technology further enhances mobility and flexibility.

Enjoy cordless communication, allowing participants to move around freely while staying connected to the call.

The Poly Trio C60 supports Power over Ethernet (POE) cable, simplifying installation and reducing clutter.

This feature ensures both data and power are supplied through a single cable, making setup and maintenance effortless.

Whether in small huddle rooms or larger conference spaces, the Poly Trio C60 adapts to various environments.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make managing calls and settings straightforward, enhancing overall meeting experience.

Elevate your communication and collaboration with the Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone.

With built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, and POE cable support, it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances connectivity, engagement, and productivity during meetings.

Invest in a conference phone that empowers your team to communicate seamlessly and collaborate effectively.


User Interface Features

  • Gesture-based, multitouch-capable capacitive touch screen
  • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel), 9:16 aspect ratio
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • One USB 2.0 Type A-compliant port
  • One USB 2.0 Micro-B device port for use as USB audio device and content sharing
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.01
  • Three multi-colored mute indicators and three sets of capacitive touch volume and mute buttons.
  • User interface localized in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English (Canada/US/UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish

Audio Featrues

  • Three MEMS microphones for 360 degree mic pick up
  • Loudspeaker:
  • - Frequency: 100—22,000 Hz
  • - Volume: 92 dB at 0.5-m peak volume
  • 6.1 m/20 ft microphone pickup range
  • Supported codecs:
  • - G.711 (A-law and μ-law)
  • - G.719
  • - G.722, G722.1, G722.1C
  • - G.729AB
  • - Poly Siren 7, Siren 14
  • - iLBC (3.33 Kbps and 15.2 Kbps)
  • - Opus (8 Kbps–24 Kbps)
  • - SILK
  • - Poly Acoustic Clarity technology provides full-duplex conversations, acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression–Type 1 compliant (IEEE 1329 full duplex)
  • Poly NoiseBlockAI
  • Voice activity detection
  • Comfort noise generation
  • DTMF tone generation (RFC 2833 and in-band)
  • Bluetooth® device pairing1
  • Low-delay audio packet transmission
  • Adaptive jitter buffers
  • Packet loss concealment


  • 802.1X authentication and EAPOL
  • Media encryption via SRTP
  • Transport layer security (TLS) v 1.2
  • Encrypted configuration files
  • Digest authentication
  • Password login
  • Support for URL syntax with password for boot server address
  • HTTPS secure provisioning
  • Support for signed software executables
  • Wi-Fi encryption1 : WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X (EAP-TLS, PEAP-MSCHAPv2)
  • QoS- IEEE 802.1p/Q tagging (VLAN), layer 3 TOS, and DSCP
  • WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia)1

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