Poly Studio Room Kits – Focus Room – 3 Yr Support License



Poly Studio Room Kits – Focus Room – 3 Yr Support License


Empower your focus room with the Poly GC8 Touch Controller and Poly Studio P15 Camera.

Seamlessly manage meetings through intuitive touch control, while superior audio and video quality enhance communication.

The 3-year Poly Plus Support package ensures uninterrupted performance, expert assistance, and seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity.

Elevate your focus room experience, optimizing collaboration and making every interaction impactful.

  • Expert Guidance and TrainingAccess to knowledge bases, online documentation, and training materials allows you to leverage the full potential of your Poly Studio Room Kit. This empowers users with in-depth understanding, best practices, and advanced features for optimized collaboration.
  • Extended Warranty CoverageThe support license often includes an extended warranty period for the components of the Poly Studio Room Kit. This additional coverage protects against hardware failures or defects, giving you peace of mind and minimizing potential repair costs.
  • Long-Term Cost SavingsBy opting for a 3-year support license, you benefit from cost savings compared to purchasing support services separately. It offers bundled support, reducing the overall cost of ownership and maintenance of your collaboration solution.


Introducing the Poly Studio Room Kits – Focus Room – 3 Yr Support License: An all-in-one video conferencing solution designed to enhance communication and collaboration in focus rooms.

These comprehensive room kits include the powerful Poly Studio P Series, providing outstanding video and audio quality for clear and engaging virtual interactions.

Each kit comes equipped with a GC8 Touch Controller, offering intuitive call handling, content sharing, and room control, simplifying the meeting experience.

With the 3-year support license, you gain access to expert technical assistance, software updates, and priority service, ensuring seamless operation and reliability.

Transform your focus rooms into productive hubs with the Poly Studio Room Kits, empowering your team to communicate, collaborate, and achieve their goals effortlessly.

Enjoy seamless virtual meetings with these feature-rich room kits and experience the power of enhanced collaboration.


Content Includes

  • Poly Studio P15
  • Poly GC8 Touch Controller
  • Mini PC
  • Pre-loaded MS Teams Room App
  • 10m Fiber Optic USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • Poly 3 Yr Support License


  • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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