Poly G7500 with Eagle Eye IV 12X



Poly G7500 with Eagle Eye IV 12X


Experience advanced conferencing with the Poly G7500 4K Codec-Wireless Presentation System.

This package includes the EagleEye IV-12X Camera, IP Microphone, Remote Control, and mandatory support subscription. Enjoy seamless wireless presentations and crystal-clear video communication.

Elevate your conferencing setup with cutting-edge technology and superior audio-visual quality, ensuring efficient and impactful meetings. Perfect for modern communication needs, the Poly G7500 transforms your space into a collaborative hub.


  • Enhanced Zoom CapabilityThe Eagle Eye IV 12X camera provides powerful zoom functionality, allowing for close-ups and clear visibility of meeting participants even in larger rooms. This feature ensures that everyone in the room can be seen and heard with precision.
  • High-Quality VideoThe G7500 system supports high-definition video resolution, enabling crisp and detailed visuals during video conferences. The Eagle Eye IV 12X camera captures smooth and lifelike images, enhancing the overall meeting experience.
  • Clear and Immersive AudioThe G7500 system is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality. With advanced microphone technologies and built-in speaker capabilities, it ensures that participants can hear and be heard clearly, fostering effective communication.


Introducing the Poly G7500 with Eagle Eye IV 12X: A cutting-edge video conferencing system designed to transform your meeting experiences.

The Poly G7500 offers exceptional 4K video quality, ensuring lifelike visuals that capture every nuance with astonishing clarity.

The Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera takes communication to new heights, providing smooth and precise tracking of participants, even in large rooms.

Its 12X optical zoom enables detailed close-ups, ensuring everyone remains engaged.

Seamlessly connect and collaborate with remote teams using this intuitive and feature-rich system.

The Poly G7500 supports various collaboration platforms, content sharing, and room control, making meetings more interactive and productive.

Streamlined installation and user-friendly interfaces enhance ease of use, while advanced audio features ensure crystal-clear communication.

Upgrade your conferencing setup with the Poly G7500 and Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera, and experience seamless, immersive collaboration that bridges distances and fosters successful communication in every virtual meeting.


Content Includes

  • Poly G7500 codec
  • Poly EagleEye IV 12x Camera
  • Poly IP Microphone
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Cable bundle
  • Documentation


  • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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