G7500 4K Unit W/ Eagle Eye IV 12X – IP Table Mic + 3 Yr Plus Support



G7500 4K Unit W/ Eagle Eye IV 12X – IP Table Mic + 3 Yr Plus Support


Elevate your large room conferencing with the Poly G7500 4K Base Unit featuring the EagleEye IV-12X Camera and IP Table Microphone.

The package includes a 3-year Poly Plus subscription for premium support.

Experience crystal-clear visuals and superior audio quality, ensuring impactful communication.

Perfect for larger spaces, this comprehensive solution delivers seamless and immersive conferencing, making every meeting a productive success.


  • Superior Video QualityThe G7500 supports 4K Ultra HD video resolution, delivering exceptional visual clarity and detail. The Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera offers powerful zoom capabilities, ensuring clear visibility of participants even in large rooms, enhancing the overall meeting experience.
  • Clear and Crisp AudioThe IP Table Mic included in this setup captures high-quality audio, minimizing background noise and ensuring clear communication. Participants' voices are captured accurately, promoting effective collaboration during meetings.
  • Intuitive User InterfaceThe G7500 features a user-friendly interface that simplifies meeting setup and control. With its touch-based control panel and intuitive menu options, users can easily manage video and audio settings, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds.


Introducing the Poly G7500 4K Base Unit with Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera, IP Table Mic + 3 Yr Plus Support – Large Room:

An advanced video conferencing solution engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in large meeting spaces.

The Poly G7500 4K Base Unit combines cutting-edge 4K video quality with crystal-clear audio for an immersive collaboration experience.

The Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera ensures detailed, lifelike visuals, allowing every participant to be seen with remarkable clarity.

Accompanied by the IP Table Mic, this setup captures pristine audio, ensuring clear communication from all corners of the room.

With the added advantage of 3-year Plus Support, you gain priority access to expert technical assistance, software updates, and peace of mind, knowing that your system will run smoothly and reliably.

Empower your large meeting rooms with the Poly G7500 4K Base Unit, Eagle Eye IV 12X Camera, IP Table Mic, and 3-year Plus Support, and revolutionize how your teams collaborate, communicate, and achieve their goals.


Content Includes

  • Poly G7500 codec
  • Poly EagleEye IV 12x Camera
  • Poly IP Microphone
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Cable bundle
  • Documentation


  • 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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