Panasonic PT-VX600A LCD High Brightness Projector

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Product Description

Highly Bright Portable with a Maximum of 5,500 lm* (PT-VX600A)

The PT-VX600A Series ranks high in the portable projector category with a high brightness ranging from 4,800 lm to 5,500 lm.*
Panasonic’s winning formula for imaging brilliance is completed by a high 10,000:1 contrast ratio.
Expect deep blacks, pure highlights, and crisp, easy to read text and graphics.

* Brightness by model: PT-VZ575N/VZ570: 4,800 lm, PT-VW535N/VW530: 5,000 lm, PT-VX605N/VX600: 5,500 lm

A Maximum 7,000-Hour*1 Lamp Replacement Cycle and 7,000-Hour*2 Air Filter Replacement Cycle

The PT-VZ570 Series has a maximum lamp replacement cycle of 7,000 hours.*1 The air filter also has a replacement cycle of 7,000 hours.*2 This reduces maintenance hassles for long periods of use, and helps to lower maintenance costs and reduce environmental impact.

*1 This is the maximum value when the lamp power is set to Eco.
The lamp replacement cycle is 5,000 hours when setting to Normal. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

*2 The usage environment affects the duration of the filter.

Quiet 29 dB* Design Does Not Interrupt Meetings or Classes

The quiet design keeps noise levels down to 29 dB,* so the sound of the cooling fan is hardly noticeable. This helps the audience to keep their attention on the speech when someone is giving a presentation or on the screen images during quiet scenes.

* With the lamp power set to Eco. 37 dB with the lamp power set to Normal.

The Daylight View Basic Function Ensures Clear Images Even in Brightly Lit Rooms

Panasonic’s Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image areas, which were previously difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the Daylight View Basic function adjusts the halftone color and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination.