Panasonic PT-AE8000EZ Full-HD 3D Home Cinema Projector

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Product Description

The PT-AE8000 embodies Panasonic’s 11 years of home cinema projector engineering, and produces 2,400 lm of brightness with an incredible 500,000:1 contrast ratio and innovative 3D features. The projector delivers a higher level of picture quality in 2D images and is packed with advanced 3D features for a natural and comfortable movie theatre experience at home.

Enjoy smooth continuous 3D movement with the 3D Motion Remaster
The new 3D Motion Remaster corrects unnatural 3D movement which is inherent in the active 3D shutter system. Active shutter 3D technology operates by alternately opening and closing the shutter for left/right lens, which in turn creates the 3D images. However, this means a slight delay of 1/120 seconds between each eye which creates an unnatural parallax. In order to resolve this issue the projector interpolates an image that compensates for the 1/120 second lag for smooth continuous 3D movement.

Designed for comfortable and natural 3D viewing
The 3D Viewing Monitor and 3D Picture Balance ensures an even more comfortable 3D viewing experience. The 3D Viewing Monitor shows that the amount of parallax in the 3D images are within the zone set forth by the 3D Consortium Committee, as the amount of parallax varies according to screen size. Using the 3D Viewing Monitor you can also highlight positive and negative parallax within each image. The 3D Picture Balance feature allows both right and left eye images to be shown side-by-side to match the colours of the two sides.