Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset

Original price was: $292.00.Current price is: $249.00.



Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset

Original price was: $292.00.Current price is: $249.00.

Introducing Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset – merging communication tech and comfort.

Clear audio, noise-canceling mic for effective calls. Plush ear cushions, adjustable headband for extended comfort.

Bluetooth connectivity, user-friendly controls. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

Sleek design, long-lasting battery.

Elevate calls, virtual meetings with Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset’s exceptional quality and ergonomic design.

  • Crystal-clear sound qualityThe headset is designed to deliver high-quality audio, ensuring that you can hear and communicate with clarity. This feature is particularly important for professional communication during calls, conferences, or virtual meetings.
  • Advanced noise-canceling microphoneThe built-in microphone in the headset is equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology. It effectively filters out background noises, such as ambient chatter or office sounds, to ensure that your voice comes through clearly and naturally to the other participants.
  • Long battery lifeThe headset offers an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours of talk time on a single charge. This means you can rely on it for a full workday without worrying about running out of power.


Introducing the Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset – a harmonious blend of advanced communication technology and ergonomic comfort.

Designed for modern professionals, this headset seamlessly integrates innovative audio features with an intuitive design, redefining your connection and collaboration experiences.

Discover unparalleled sound clarity with the Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset.

Its advanced audio drivers guarantee crystal-clear calls and immersive multimedia experiences.

The noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice remains distinct, even in bustling environments, fostering effective conversations.

Crafted for extended comfort, the headset boasts plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband, enabling you to work tirelessly during long sessions.

Experience seamless wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

The user-friendly controls provide swift access to calls and volume adjustments, enhancing your overall ease of use.

Designed for compatibility, the Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset seamlessly integrates with major Microsoft Teams communication platforms, ensuring fluid interaction.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality, the headset’s sleek design is accompanied by a long-lasting battery.

The charging dock also functions as a practical stand, offering both power and storage.

The Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset transforms the landscape of communication.

Elevate calls, virtual meetings, and multimedia experiences with exceptional audio quality and ergonomic comfort.

Redefine your connectivity with the Zone Vibe Wireless MS Headset’s cutting-edge attributes and intuitive design.



  • Headset:
  • Height: 183.0 mm
  • Width: 169.7 mm
  • Depth: 73 mm
  • Weight: 185 g

Ear Pad

  • Height: 98.6 mm
  • Width: 75.4 mm
  • Depth: 19.3 mm

USB-C Receiver

  • Height: 26.8 mm
  • Width: 12.4 mm
  • Depth: 6.2 mm

USB-A adapter

  • Height: 24.5 mm
  • Width: 15.4 mm
  • Depth: 8.7 mm


  • Works with Windows, Mac, or Chrome based computers via USB-C, USB-A, Bluetooth and iOS or Android Bluetooth enabled devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Microphone:
  • Type: Dual omni-directional MEMS mics with directional beamforming and DSP Frequency Response: 100-8 kHz


  • Frequency response (music mode): 20-20 kHz Frequency response (talk mode): 100-8 kHz Audio compliance: Compliant to EN 50332


  • Built-in battery (Lithium ion) Battery life (talk time): 18 hrs Battery life (listening time): 20 hrs


  • 2 hrs for a full charge 5 mins quick charge provides 1 hr music time 4Battery life may vary based on users and computing conditions. USB-C charging cable: 1.5 m


  • Bluetooth version: 5.2 Wireless range: Up to 50 m (open field line of sight) 5Wireless range may vary based on environmental and computing conditions.


  • Plastics: 25% post-consumer recycled material 6excludes accessories and packaging Paper Packaging: FSC™-certified Certified carbon neutral

Package Contents

  • Wireless headset
  • USB-C receiver
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • (Only use the USB-A adapter with the provided headset)
  • Charging cable
  • Travel Bag
  • User documentation


  • 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

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