Lifesize Record and Share – Unlimited Video Library – Enterprise 175

$5,665.56 inc. GST

Lifesize Record and Share is the only recording and sharing solution available on laptops, tablets, smartphones and our own Lifesize® Icon™ conference room systems. It looks and functions the same across all of the devices. Lifesize Record and Share also provides intuitive access controls for groups and individuals, requiring no IT expertise or training.


Product Description

At last, the ability to record a video call or meeting and immediately share the conversation with others inside and outside of the organization comes to business. Introducing Lifesize Record and Share. Recording and sharing is just a click away.

Recordings are the new shareables, and only Lifesize makes it so simple and remarkable that anyone can use it.

Lifesize Record and Share is the most powerful cloud-based one-click recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution. It lets users capture important meetings, conversations, events, ideas and even important milestones and instantly share them. That’s right, your video auto-publishes immediately, and everyone in the conversation will have the recording in their personal video library.