Lifesize Support License DSS 1 Yr – Phone HD




Lifesize Support License DSS 1 Yr – Phone HD


Experience seamless communication with Lifesize Phone HD – DSS.

This cutting-edge device redefines audio clarity, boasting Dynamic Sound Suppression (DSS) technology that eliminates background noise for unparalleled sound quality.

The intuitive touchscreen interface provides effortless call management.

Combined with Lifesize’s renowned video conferencing capabilities.

Lifesize Phone HD – DSS ensures every conversation is crystal clear and distraction-free, enhancing your remote collaborations and meetings like never before.

  • Advanced FeaturesGain access to advanced features that enhance collaboration, such as intuitive controls, call management options, and customization settings.
  • Uninterrupted AccessThe one-year renewal plan guarantees uninterrupted access to Lifesize Phone HD's features and upgrades, ensuring a reliable and consistent communication experience.
  • Automatic Software UpdatesBenefit from automatic software updates, ensuring that your Lifesize Phone HD remains up to date with the latest enhancements and security patches.


The ultimate solution for enhanced communication and collaboration.

This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates with Lifesize video conferencing systems, delivering exceptional audio quality and intuitive controls.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the Lifesize Phone HD ensures crystal-clear conversations, eliminating any communication barriers.

This one-year renewal plan guarantees uninterrupted access to advanced features and upgrades, empowering teams to connect effortlessly across any distance.

Stay ahead of the game with automatic software updates and unparalleled technical support.

Elevate your conferencing experience with Lifesize Phone HD DSS Renewal – 1 Year and redefine how you communicate.


LifeSize DSS Includes

  • Help Desk Support1
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Web
  • Lifesize Community

Automatic Software Updates

  • Access to the latest software updates and enhancements

Pairing to Lifesize Service

  • Centralized device management
  • NAT/firewall traversal
  • Point-to-point calling

Hardware Advanced Replacement²

  • Expedited shipment of a product replacement should an incident require it

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