Hisense 100″ Signage Display




Hisense 100″ Signage Display


100″ UHD Digital Signage 500nit 24 x 7

  • 500 NitsExperience stunningly vivid imagery at any time of the day with the display panels boasting a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Whether it's daytime with abundant natural light or nighttime with dim surroundings, the panels ensure exceptional visibility and clarity. This high brightness level guarantees that your content remains captivating and easily visible, making it a perfect solution for various environments and lighting conditions. Enjoy vibrant and eye-catching visuals, showcasing your content with brilliance and impact, no matter the time of day.
  • Wireless Screen SharingDiscover the ultimate screen sharing solution with Hisense Share, an innovative built-in application designed to facilitate seamless and wireless screen sharing across all devices. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, Hisense Share empowers you to share your screen effortlessly, making collaboration and presentations a breeze. No more tangled cables or compatibility issues; simply connect wirelessly and share your content anytime, anywhere. This in-house application ensures a smooth and efficient sharing experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – sharing your ideas and information with ease.
  • Landscape & PortraitHave the flexibility to choose between landscape and portrait orientations, opening up a world of creative and functional possibilities to meet your commercial or informational objectives. Whether you want to showcase stunning visuals, deliver impactful advertising, or present informative content, you can easily tailor the display orientation to suit your specific needs. This versatility ensures that you can make the most out of your display, adapting it to various scenarios and ensuring that your content is presented in the most engaging and effective way possible.


Introducing the awe-inspiring Hisense 100″ Signage Display, a larger-than-life solution that captivates and mesmerises.

With its massive 100-inch screen, this display commands attention and ensures an immersive visual experience like no other.

Boasting 4K Ultra HD picture quality, it delivers breathtaking clarity and vivid colors, making content come to life in any setting.

The display’s cutting-edge features, including built-in ambient light sensing and Energy Star certification, ensure optimal viewing while being eco-friendly.

With the flexibility to customise content effortlessly through cloud-based software, businesses can create impactful and dynamic presentations, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.

Embrace the future of signage with the Hisense 100″

Signage Display, where grandeur meets performance to leave an indelible impression on any audience.



  • Backlight: DLED
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Size: 100’’
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Refresh rate: 120HZ
  • Brightness: 500 nits (typ)
  • Contrast(typ): 5000:1 (typ)
  • Orientation: Landscape & Portrait
  • Lifetime: 50,000hrs
  • Operation Hours: 7Day x 24Hour

Control Method

  • Remote: IR
  • RS232: RS232*1 (RJ45)


  • Built in speaker: 15W x2


  • Input: AC 100V-240V@50-60HZ
  • Power Consumption: 500W(Max)
  • Standby Consumption: <0.5W


  • Operation Temperature: 0 - 40°
  • Operation Humidity: 10% - 80%


  • WIFI: 2.4G/5G
  • LAN: 10/100Mbp

Operating System

  • OS: Android 9.0


  • Bezel Color: Black
  • Set Dimension(WxHxD): 38.1 x 21.9 x 2.3 in
  • Bezel width (T/L/R/B): 0.48 in (T/B/L/R)
  • Net Weight: 29.8 lbs
  • Packing Dimension(WxHxD): 42.3 x 26.1 x 6.3 in
  • Packed Weight: 37.5 lbs
  • VESA: 400*400mm

What's In The Box

  • Power cord
  • Remote Control
  • RS232 label
  • Battery
  • LOGO
  • Spacer

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