Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount for Logitech Brio



Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount for Logitech Brio


Enhance video conferencing with the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount, designed for the Logitech Brio camera.

Crafted for a secure fit, it ensures stability and durability.

Its adjustable design allows precise camera positioning, improving framing and visual clarity.

Effortless installation and included hardware simplify setup, creating an organized workspace.

Elevate video conferencing with the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount for a professional and focused communication experience.

  • Ceiling Mount for Logitech BRIONovel Logitech BRIO Ceiling Mount for video conferencing with real-time content sharing and whiteboard casting. Adjustable length for clean design.
  • Scratch & finger print resistantingerprint-resistant powder coat finish, scratch-resistant for lasting durability.
  • Integrated USB Extender storageIntegrated USB extender for convenient storage, ensuring easy access and organisation.


Elevate your video conferencing setup with the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount, a practical solution designed for the Logitech Brio camera.

This mount provides a discreet and professional way to integrate your camera into your workspace while maximizing flexibility.

The Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount is precision-engineered to fit the Logitech Brio camera securely.

Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures stability and durability, protecting your camera investment from accidental damage.

Featuring an adjustable design, the H573 Ceiling Mount allows you to position the Logitech Brio camera at the perfect angle.

This ensures optimal framing and visual clarity during video conferencing sessions, enhancing your communication.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design and included hardware.

Effortlessly mount your Logitech Brio camera to the ceiling, creating an organized and clutter-free environment that promotes effective video conferencing.

Whether you’re engaging in virtual meetings, webinars, or online presentations, the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount ensures a professional and focused video conferencing experience.

Experience clearer visuals and streamlined communication with colleagues, clients, or partners.

Invest in the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount to optimize your Logitech Brio setup.

Elevate your video conferencing capabilities by ensuring a stable and unobtrusive camera placement.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and design with the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount for Logitech Brio.

Elevate your video conferencing setup, maintain visual clarity during calls, and create an organized and professional workspace environment.

Upgrade your video conferencing experience with the Heckler H573 Ceiling Mount and redefine the way you communicate virtually.



  • Height: 48.26cm
  • Width: 60.4cm
  • Depth: 14.2cm
  • Weight: >1kg

Compatible Devices

  • Logitech BRIO

In the Box

  • Ceiling mount for Logitech BRIO
  • Assembly tool

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