Commbox 3-Year Warranty Extension for OPS (2Yr – 5-Yr)



Commbox 3-Year Warranty Extension for OPS (2Yr – 5-Yr)


Extend your OPS module’s coverage with Commbox 3-Year Warranty Extension (CBOPSWA5).

Elevate protection from 2 to 5 years for prolonged peace of mind and performance assurance.

  • Extended ProtectionElevate the warranty coverage of your OPS module from the standard 2 years to an extensive 5 years, ensuring prolonged protection against unexpected issues.
  • Enhanced Peace of MindEnjoy extended peace of mind knowing that your OPS investment is safeguarded against defects and malfunctions for an extended duration.
  • Longer LifespanMaximize the lifespan of your OPS module with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring consistent performance and functionality over the long term.


Introducing the Commbox 3-Year Warranty Extension for OPS (From 2-Year STD to 5-Year) (CBOPSWA5) – an assurance of prolonged performance and peace of mind.

Designed to complement your OPS investment, this warranty extension elevates your device’s coverage from the standard 2 years to a comprehensive 5-year period.

Enjoy an extended period of worry-free operation, knowing that your OPS module is protected against unforeseen issues and defects.

This extension provides an extra layer of security for your valuable investment, ensuring consistent functionality and performance for an extended duration.

Commbox’s commitment to quality guarantees that the CBOPSWA5 extension aligns with the same high standards as the OPS modules.

With reliable technical support and a dependable warranty in place, you can confidently maximize the potential of your OPS device over the long term.

Incorporating the CBOPSWA5 extension seamlessly into your OPS investment is a straightforward process, adding minimal complexity to your setup while significantly enhancing your device’s lifespan.

This extension reflects Commbox’s dedication to customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional value.

In conclusion, the Commbox 3-Year Warranty Extension for OPS (From 2-Year STD to 5-Year) (CBOPSWA5) is a valuable investment that ensures the longevity of your OPS module

. Benefit from an extended coverage period, consistent performance, and Commbox’s renowned commitment to quality and support, contributing to a seamless and confident user experience.

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