Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set (Inc 1 Button Only)




Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set (Inc 1 Button Only)


Introducing Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set – transforming presentations into engaging experiences.

Includes ClickShare C-10 wireless presentation system and one ClickShare Button for seamless content sharing.

Effortless wireless presentations empower presenters with easy screen sharing.

ClickShare Button ensures simple content initiation with a single click.

Enhance meetings with efficiency and impact.

Elevate your presentations with Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set, streamlining content sharing and interaction for memorable meetings.

  • User-Friendly OperationThe ClickShare Present C-10 and ClickShare Buttons are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They offer intuitive and straightforward operation, ensuring that users of all technical levels can easily connect and share their content without any hassle.
  • Enhanced Meeting ExperienceBy enabling wireless content sharing, the bundle set enhances the meeting experience by reducing technical difficulties and interruptions. Presenters can focus on delivering their message effectively, while participants can engage more actively in discussions.
  • Increased FlexibilityThe ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set provides increased flexibility during presentations. Users can move freely around the room while maintaining control over their content, facilitating a more dynamic and engaging presentation style.


Introducing the Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set – a comprehensive solution that transforms your presentations into engaging experiences.

This bundle empowers seamless content sharing and interaction, enhancing communication and collaboration in meetings.

The Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set includes the ClickShare C-10 wireless presentation system along with one ClickShare Button.

This combination ensures effortless content sharing, enabling presenters to connect their devices and share content with a single click.

Experience hassle-free wireless presentations with the ClickShare C-10 system.

This bundle set empowers presenters to share their screens with ease, eliminating the need for complicated setup processes.

The ClickShare Button provides a simple and intuitive way to initiate content sharing.

With just one click, presenters can display their content on the screen, fostering effective communication without interruptions.

The Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set is designed for simplicity and efficiency.

It empowers presenters to focus on their ideas and message rather than navigating technology, making meetings more impactful.

Enhance your presentations with the Barco ClickShare Present C-10 Bundle Set.

Transform your content sharing and interactions, streamline communication, and elevate your meeting experience.

Invest in a solution that drives seamless connectivity, allowing presenters to engage with their audience effortlessly and create memorable presentations.



  • Brand: Barco
  • Product Name: ClickShare C-10
  • Product Model: C-10
  • Product Type: Display Receiver
  • Vendor: Barco
  • Vendor Code: R9861511NA

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