Unleash collaboration with Logitech Tap and Lenovo for Microsoft Teams Kit for Medium Rooms (TAPMSTMDMLEN).

Elevate meetings in medium-sized spaces through seamless hardware and software integration.

Engage, communicate, and present effortlessly, creating an environment that fosters teamwork and productivity.

  • Seamless IntegrationHardware and software work seamlessly together, simplifying meeting setup and control.
  • Effortless ManagementThe 10.1" Logitech Tap touchscreen enables intuitive meeting initiation and content sharing.
  • Enhanced CommunicationLenovo's audio and video quality fosters clear and engaging communication.


Introducing the pinnacle of collaborative prowess – the Logitech Tap and Lenovo for Microsoft Teams Kit for Medium Rooms (TAPMSTMDMLEN).

This integrated solution redefines how organizations connect, communicate, and collaborate, combining cutting-edge hardware and software to elevate your meeting experiences in medium-sized rooms.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the Logitech Tap, a 10.1″ touchscreen controller designed to streamline your interaction with Microsoft Teams.

Seamlessly manage meetings, presentations, and content sharing through an intuitive touch interface that empowers you to initiate and control sessions with remarkable ease.

Complementing the Tap is the Lenovo solution tailored for Microsoft Teams. From high-quality audio to crisp video, Lenovo ensures optimal performance for every communication.

Noise cancellation technology and advanced video processing create a lifelike environment that fosters engagement and active participation.

This bundle isn’t just about hardware; it’s about transforming spaces into productive ecosystems.

It adapts effortlessly to medium-sized rooms, enhancing communication among team members, whether local or remote.

The integration with Microsoft Teams ensures seamless connection to colleagues around the world.

Installation is effortless, and with the Logitech Tap and Lenovo combination, your meetings start promptly, free from technical hitches.

The aesthetic appeal of both devices adds a touch of modern sophistication to your workspace, creating a conducive environment for effective collaboration.

Empower your organization’s communication with the Logitech Tap and Lenovo for Microsoft Teams Kit for Medium Rooms.

It’s more than just a bundle; it’s a strategic investment in innovation, productivity, and collaboration that will reshape the way you connect and engage with your teams.


Bundle Components

  • 4K, 15X Zoom Rally Camera with 90° Field of View
  • 1X Rally Speakers & Beamforming Mics: 4.5M Range each.
  • Teams Approved Lenovo Tiny PC: Support Dual Displays
  • Tap Controller: 10.1” Touch Screen. Easy Cable Management
  • Suits Medium-Large Meeting Rooms: 4-12 People
  • 2 years Warranty

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