My Best Advice to My Young Self

Posted on: August 4, 2021 8:54 am

Best Advice To My Young Self

The great part about life is that we all get a chance to create and control our own destiny. The bad part is that life is very short, and you only get one go at it.
Now at this point when you are holding the reins of life and you have been given total control.
What are you going to do with it?
What is it that you are going to create? What do you want from life and what is your definition of success?
But more importantly what price are you prepared to pay for it?
Because this is the very moment when a young man must take responsibility for his life and except that no one else is to blame.
Your results from here on in (or lack thereof) are yours and you must own them.
Fundamentally Life is hard, unfair, and in fact it is the most relentless game that I have ever played. The Journey in front of you is not going to be easy, in fact, it is harder than you could ever imagine.
But one thing is for sure – No One Is Coming to Save You, Not Your Business, or Your Life…
In this moment of decision, you will either take responsibility or You will not, and as I said – No one is coming to save you. No one is going to do the work for you.
So, at this point – You have some choices to make.
You can continue to fail; you can continue to be a victim and blame everyone else for your unsatisfactory result. You could continue to read books, listen to podcasts, or motivational YouTube videos and cease to take real action a all.
I strongly recommend you eradicate “The Victim” mentality from your life and take “Your Power” back, what you need to realise, is that you must OWN your decisions – both Good and bad.

In This Moment of Decision and control, Will You Rise?

There will be time when life will deliver you Soul Crushing Chaos, Rejection, Failure, and Loss and at these lowest points in life where do you find the confidence the motivation, to make the necessary steps and changes and get back in the ring.
See the truth is most will take the easy road and shrink, give up, and blame others as to why it is not their fault.
Here is an idea how about starting by setting yourself an unachievable goal and go for it, measure it, and own it, you might just get there. You know that feeling you get when you thought you could not, but you did.
BAM that is the fuel and that is the motivation
All Successful people and businesses have goals, they plan, and set unrealistic targets but above all they give it all they have.
All bankrupt businesses do not!
The same applies to individuals. It is just that simple.

A life without success is wasted.

Now knowing you only get one go at it (“Life”) What are you going to choose?
The hard truth is – your results are yours and if you unhappy with your life it is your fault, it’s what you are created. Fundamentally all the excuses as to why, it is or isn’t, is just noise and doesn’t mean anything, and believe me No One Gives a shit.
In This game of life of which you do not get a choice, you have to play regardless of your circumstance’s you will still be expected to do as a Man does. I can tell you this for sure, these moments will expose your efforts, and your results will speak for them self’s. You will have nowhere to hide, and all of your efforts will be clear as day.
and in these moments when you can see no way forward. Keep Getting Up and Keep Moving Forward and if you do, trust me the circumstances will change, and as long as you can look yourself in the mirror each day and be completely honest to yourself, that you gave all you had to give and you still failed, well then, at least you failed trying and you will be respected!
It’s in these moments of times, what you do and what price you are prepared to pay are the ones that you will be remembered for and ultimately define you as a man.
This is when you can earn true respect!
See a man that gets back up and says “Let’s Go Again” is a man that has not given up, this is the man that is becoming a lion.
See everyone wants to be the Lion, – until it is time to do what the lion does.
In my life and after 50 years of living it I can tell you this;
Like it or not, Life is a game, it has evolved to what you see it as being today. You do not get a choice; you have to play.
So, you may as well play life as hard as you can because this playing board “The World” is bountiful, rich with unlimited opportunities.
Another very valuable lesson that took me 40 years to realise and must be applied to anyone regardless of age. Do not let your age limit you because age is irrelevant.
Life will give you what you play for, so dream big early and know that you have what it takes. Start Now!
Live your life without regret –never look backwards or waste time on things that can’t be changed, your just wasting time. Do not sweat the small stuff let everyone else major in the minors. Let the dust to settle so you know what you are dealing with. This will highlights a man of measure. Do all the thing you wish for, and all that you can for the ones you love and never let fear hold you back.
And at the end, when you are drawing your last breaths of your life, and as long as you are able to look yourself in the mirror and your family in the face and say, “I gave you all that I had.”
I was the Lion
Paul Denton

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