In the legal world, efficient collaboration can make or brake a case. From communicating with colleagues, experts, or witnesses to working with or preparing, effective interaction is crucial for success.

Posted on: March 4, 2019 11:26 am

More and More Australian Legal Firms are now implementing a high-quality video conferencing solution as their preferred communications platform. These types of technology have become main stream as they ensure to optimize efficiency through accelerated communications with colleagues and clients which in turn has enhanced not only the bottom line of legal business but ultimately the outcomes of their client.

Video Conferencing solutions are key for firms needing to collaborate in real time with key personnel to ensure that they can make critical business decisions as they arise. The added benefit in being able to maximise travel time and costs will allow any organisation to streamline their business, resources accordantly to ensure they continue to dominate in the markets in which it trades.

Lawyers are more effective when they can collaborate on the go from face to face meeting, sharing documents or just connecting with clients regardless of their location seems to be the winning formula.

What was once in limited demand now holds serious weight in the minds of decision-makers across the legal industry. As the next generation continue to make up a larger share of the workforce, video will become more pervasive and price points will continue to drop with newer technologies, further fuelling adoption.

Cloud Based solutions is what connects a firm not only at its core. It allows for universal accessibility across a myriad of devises that employee and customers use to interact with. Dispersed and mobile workforces are increasingly participating in the collaboration process by using Smartphone’s tables or laptops on the go. Cloud based video conferencing will continue to erode the barriers that have prevented legal firms from using this type of communication.

Communicating between employees and customers who can be literally any were in the world is now common place. This dynamic is also now being felt in smaller or boutique firms as the challenge to remain competitive and more importantly drive growth becomes imperative in remaining relevant.

Communicating via a desk top client is evolving at a rapid rate particularly with cloud-based technologies which empowers businesses to be more productive. As demand has dictated accessing it from anywhere on any devise, all venders of cloud base solutions will have the added responsibility of ensuring businesses have the option to connect their cloud software into all of the other third party services in which they have already invested in or their clients are using The easier it is for employees to share documents and switch between services while collaborating will be the winning formula to ensure businesses can optimise productivity.

2019 will continue to bring a wave of innovation in cloud-based technologies like 4K video and content streaming as the major venders continue to improve and build on the next-generation conferencing solutions that will allow for cross-platform integration.

I believe that throughout 2019/20 these types of advancements will accelerate need for firms to implement these types of technologies.

Paul Denton

Managing Director

Video Dynamics

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