Crank up the communication & avoid feeling isolated!

Posted on: June 27, 2021 9:18 am



“Organisations both locally and around the world have rolled out mandatory remote working.

A new survey has found most Australian organisations plan on giving staff access to leave, paid time off, or the ability to work from home in order to ride out the COVIT-19 crisis.

A Gartner HR survey reveals 88 per cent of organisations have encouraged or required employees to work from home due to corona virus.


All the major organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, Spotify. From the UK to the US, and Australia, these are all global companies that have, in the last few days, rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies amid the spread of Covid-19.

This is also being felt in small to medium market sectors in the race to contain COVID-19 Virus and more importantly the ultimate race of survival of staff and individual companies themselves.

Crank up the communication

The Australian video conferencing market is in a rapid growth as visual collaboration gains precedence as the preferred communications platform to ensure the ability to remain relevant.

The increasingly distributed and remote workforce as a result of the COVID-19 Virus requires companies to equip employees with highly featured and easy-to-use platforms, immensely widening the scope of the Australian conferencing services market. Visual collaboration in particular is gaining unprecedented traction.

“What was once in limited demand now holds serious weight in the minds of decision-makers across businesses.

The current prediction is that 88% of the Australian work force will need to be video enabled in the coming months as companies both big and small scramble to deploy cost-effective solutions that are highly featured and easy to use in order to remain competitive in the markets in which it trades.

The fact is video conferencing has now become the preferred communication tool as it allows organisations the ability to collaborate with Key Staff and customers regardless of their location in real time. The need for an organisation to collaborate and make critical business decisions as they arise is a driving factor and the added benefit of a lift in productivity cannot go unnoticed as organisations look to stream line their business and resource accordantly in an ever-increasingly economic sensitive environment.

“It’s realistic to assume that shifting to the ‘home office’ will become the new normal for many of us for a while that the corona virus has officially reached ‘pandemic’ status”.

Communicating between employees and customers who can be literally any were in the world is now commonplace. This dynamic is also now being felt in SMB (small to medium businesses) as the challenge to remain competitive, resource accordantly and more importantly drive growth becomes imperative in remaining relevant in the market in which it trades. Communicating via a desk top client is evolving at a rapid rate particularly with cloud-based technologies which empowers businesses to be more productive. These types of technologies allow real time collaboration for organisations that have dispersed and mobile teams. As demand has dictated accessing it from anywhere on any devise, all venders of cloud base solutions will have the added responsibility of ensuring businesses have the option to connect their cloud software into all of the other third party services in which they have already invested in or their clients are already using and the easier it is for employees to share documents and switch between services while collaborating will be the winning formula to ensure businesses can optimise productivity in these uncertain times.

In our view the winning formula will be a cost effective highly featured end to end solution that utilises a familiar interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Avoid feeling isolated & maintain social contact

Organisations will need to ensure as much face-to-face interaction online as in order to maintain productivity

So, during self-isolation you should stay in contact with your social network. This can be as simple as video calling a friend for a chat, most cloud services these days offer unlimited quest licensing that doesn’t require any downloads.

Some employees will be working from home for the first time, which means figuring out how to stay on task in a new environment that may not lend itself to productivity. But there are ways to deliver results and avoid going stir-crazy, from setting up a good workspace to the way you talk to your team.

Still, even with these tools, the enforced and abrupt nature of the transition from an office to a home environment could leave some struggling to get accustomed to the change.

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