Control your Meeting Room with Lifesize Phone HD

Posted on: November 13, 2015 1:36 am

We all have a preferred meeting room in our offices. For me it our Boardroom it’s the room that I feel best in and always perform well. It’s a room that I take clients and staff it’s a room I am proud of. As for Video Conferencing equipment, it’s got a Lifesize Icon 600 with dual 65” screens and sits pretty much in the middle of the table it’s the main controller for every meeting, a lifesize Phone HD

We hold all different types of meetings from this room; old school audio-only conference calls, web conferencing over audio with a shared presentation, multi-way group video meetings and even a few after-work “happy hour conferences.” And for every one of them, I used the same device to control the meeting.
Web Conferences
Lifesize cloud will let ever body connect to an audio-only conferencing call, usually to connect to a client or supplier that is yet to start using video conferencing or perhaps it’s just a webinar. The phone has a touchscreen dial pad that can make and receive audio calls just like any other standard conference phone. It’s like how my mobile phone can make and receive calls.

Video Conferencing
Lifesize has dominated the Videoconferencing industry with game changing innovation for the past 13 years and continues to believe that the phone has always been to best way to make and receive video calls when in a meeting room environment. It provides instant access to the named directory for making calls, controls the camera’s, lets you modify the call layout and even allows for global time zone clock.

Audio Calls
From time to time that I just need to connect to an audio-only conference call, usually to join a webinar or connect with a customer or staff member that isn’t already using video conferencing. The phones easy to use touchscreen dial pad can make and receive audio calls just like any other standard conference phone. It’s like exactly the same as my mobile phone can make and receive calls; this is usually not a feature that is highlighted when first being introduced to to the technology however it does allow for total flexibility

Local In-Room Meetings
From time to time when we have internal meeting the same office, the phone has still a very useful device. While not a typical use case, my team has used the phone in combination with a video system to record our presentations. We direct the camera on the presenter, hit record this has allowed us to work on our skills and built confidents with in our team.
HD Phone

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