Starleaf Room Solutions

Take your meetings to a whole new level and be face-to-face with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Group Telepresence 3351

A powerful video conferencing solution, for very large spaces, auditoriums and theaters. Support for multiple cameras, mics and AMX/Crestron controllers.

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GT Mini 3330 range

Choose from four options to match room size, budget and desired functionality. You’ll find the GT Mini delivers an exceptional experience, is easy to use and just as easy to install.

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Starleaf Cloud Solutions

Slip into a meeting room, whenever you need to, it’ll always be ready for you!


StarLeaf GTm 5220 range

Registering directly with the Microsoft Lync Server or Microsoft Lync for Office 365, the GTm range delivers businesses with a fully featured, integrated and cost-effective video conferencing endpoint for all sizes of meeting room.

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