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Established in 1988, AMC Commercial Cleaning is a family-run, multi-national cleaning company serving commercial clients in a broad range of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. An Australian-owned company, AMC Commercial Cleaning has 80-100 corporate employees, and an additional 1,000-2,000 staff at 800 franchises throughout the area.


Running a multi-national cleaning franchise business is difficult but creating a network which allows for reliable and clear communication across each franchise is a unique challenge.

With branch locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, managing a geographically dispersed team required constant communication and face-to-face meetings. AMC Commercial Cleaning needed a solution for remote face time with team members in order to streamline communication, share documents easily, and reduce the need for frequent travel to in-person meetings between branches. AMC Commercial Cleaning also needed a reliable way to bring together all branches for company- wide meetings.


AMC Commercial Cleaning needed a reliable solution that could be trusted to function without much oversight and management, especially since AMC Commercial Cleaning’s chief financial officer, Stuart Douglas, also runs the company’s IT department. “Somehow, I ended up running IT too, so our solutions have to be easy to use and as maintenance-free as possible, so I have time to do my day job as CFO,” said Douglas.

The AMC Commercial Cleaning team first tried Skype as a solution to stay connected with staff, but that proved unreliable. Their criteria required quality, user-confidence and security to be ensured across all communication platforms whether in boardroom, at desk or mobile and after an exhaustive review of alternatives with support from Lifesize partner Video Dynamics, Douglas tested Lifesize for his team and found it to be a perfect fit.

“The implementation has been fantastic,” reports Douglas, noting that the onboarding process and customer support assistance couldn’t be better. AMC Commercial Cleaning transitioned every division within their company to Lifesize.

With Lifesize in place, the AMC Commercial Cleaning team was able to get additional face time with staff at the company’s branches, and they have also experienced an improvement in the overall quality of meetings. Before Lifesize, AMC Commercial Cleaning had fewer group

meetings, primarily holding individual phone calls to stay connected. “Today, every division of the business has regular Lifesize meetings, sharing documents and information,” said Douglas. Meeting attendees are also more involved and engaged, and Lifesize provides a quick and easy way to bring all branches together for a face-to-face conversation.

Staff throughout the company are also happy with the move to Lifesize, citing ease of use, call clarity, and an improved face-to-face meeting experience as key benefits. And since Lifesize is easy to use, reliable, and offers great support, Douglas has fewer IT calls to manage and more time to focus on growing the AMC Commercial Cleaning business.












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